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Why I won't specialise in Gay Weddings

I was on the phone to a close friend of mine yesterday and we were talking about gay marriage. We were rejoicing in the vote that has just been passed (hopefully soon to be law), allowing same sex couples to marry here in Australia. My friend remarked that I should specialise in gay weddings, and something in that didn’t sit well with me.

Why should I specialise in gay weddings? Hasn’t the LGBT community fought so hard to be treated equally? Why should my service to same sex couples differ from the service I provide hetero couples? Each wedding is different and down to personal style but my methods and service remain the same.

I once read a quote from the singer P!nk that really resonated with me, she said: “I don’t want there to be gay marriage, I just want there to be happy marriage and lasting marriage and healthy marriage.”

Gay marriage isn’t a thing, it’s just two humans that want to commit to each other. Sadly, the road it has taken to legalise something so normal has been too long, too hard and absolutely soul destroying for a lot of people. But now is the time to welcome equality and change for the better.

So no, I won’t specialise in gay weddings, I specialise in human weddings. I specialise in calm and I specialise in joy and happiness. I help humans who want to be married, plan the weddings of their dreams and ease the stress and overwhelm for them. I love my job, I love being creative and I adore helping couples to celebrate their love. Love is love no matter who it comes from!


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