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The Overwhelmed Bride - Where to Start

You've gotten engaged - Woohoo, Congrats!

You have a Pinterest page full of fabulous table settings, ideas and decor. You like all the things - OMG so many pretty things... how to make it all work? Where do I start and when do I have the time to do all this???

Planning a wedding requires a lot of time, energy, research, decision making, money and patience. Speaking of patience, it doesn't come easily when you have family and friends asking you a heap of questions and giving unwanted advice.

Sound familiar? Don't worry lovely, you're not alone! Rest assured there are things you can do to ensure that picking the colour scheme and party favours will actually be something to look forward to.

Get the basics sorted

Pick a date.

Have a think about where you want to get married and what style you want to go for, something that best suits you as a couple.

Start creating a guestlist. No matter where you are, or what kind of wedding you’re planning, the number of guests you plan to invite will make a huge impact on your wedding budget.

Finally, discuss your budget and what you can afford. Pick 3 things that are a priority for you both on your day and go from there, what are you willing to compromise on and what is a non negotiable?

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, they will help you allocate your funds properly and ensure you don't blow your budget.

Hire a wedding planner

Planning should be an enjoyable experience and not stressful for you and your fiance. It can literally take hundreds of hours of your ‘spare time’ (the average is 150hrs) and if you don't feel up to the task but still want the awesome wedding you've always dreamed of, consider hiring a planner.

The first and most important reason to hire a planner is that we are an investment in your sanity - we take most of the stress off you! Secondly, a planner should end up paying for themselves in the savings we make for you, by having good rapport with other wonderful suppliers in the industry. A planner won’t overlook any of the details and will help you make the most of your budget and allocate it properly. Don't worry, we do not take over your wedding!! We are here to assist and guide you to ensure your day is all you dreamed of.

There are many different levels of planners out there that cater to all sorts of budgets and most offer different planning options, full planning, partial planning and on the day coordination.

Share the love

Ask for help from the people who love you, most will want to be involved. Host a DIY day or night, whip together a cheese platter and some bubbles and enlist your loved ones to help you with small things like place cards, tying bows onto favours or making bunting. Whatever it is, do it together and make it a fun bonding experience!

Filter advice

You may be showered with congratulations and gifts, but you’ll be simultaneously bombarded with unsolicited advice, wedding horror stories, and negative vibes from well-meaning friends and relatives who are too lost in their own experience to realise they are imposing on you. Sometimes, people will tend to see your wedding as a chance to fulfil their own needs and family drama can erupt in every which direction because as they prepare to gather, they begin to act out what it’s all about for them – not you!

Clarify the wedding you both truly want, something that reflects you both individually and as a couple. It can be hard, but try to stay calm and focused and set clear boundaries that no one can penetrate with words or attitudes. If that doesn’t work, consider this: The reality is that weddings tend to be for other people, but marriage is for you two. Focus on what your marriage will mean to you and try to let go of the rest - If you come away at the end of the day married to your love, consider it a success!

Look after you

Bridezillas are made not born! It's true, some brides are downright demanding (such as the brides on TV shows like ‘Say yes to the Dress’ and ‘Don’t tell the Bride’) but most are nice, reasonable people who are sucked into the vortex of wedding planning stress. I won't lie there's a little bridezilla in everyone, but keeping your stress and emotions at bay will help you to enjoy the experience a whole lot more!

Include stress management, self-nurturing and time to chill out as an integral part of your process. When you feel the stress building, take time out, go for a walk, watch a movie, get a massage, go on a date with your man, just do something un-wedding.

I hope these tips help some of you beautiful brides to be.

However you decide to plan, just breathe... it will all work out!

Happy planning!!

Nat xoxo

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