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Eat the Frog First!

Eat the frog


Are you planning an event and don’t know where to start? Are you putting off creating a spreadsheet or a budget? Are you hesitant to call vendors? If you answered yes to any of these questions, here’s a great little trick to end your procrastination!

Today while I was at a meeting, I learned about ‘Eat the Frog First’. While I understand the metaphor, I had never heard this phrase before. I haven’t written a blog in weeks and I am a huge procrastinator (something I want to remedy), so this simple but helpful tool is going to change the way I think and approach my days!

The ‘Frogs’ represent the distasteful, ugly and boring tasks that need to be done but you don’t want to do. You aren’t motivated to do them, leaving them victim to procrastination. “If you have to eat a live frog, it does not pay to sit and look at it for a very long time!”- Get it done!

If you create the habit of making sure your frogs are the first thing you ‘eat’ in the morning, then you have the rest of the day to do what you actually want to be doing - It’s incredibly satisfying to boot!

The idea is to do put each task you have to do into one of four categories:

  • 1. Things you don’t want to do, and actually don’t need to do.

  • 2. Things you don’t want to do, but actually need to do.

  • 3. Things you want to do and actually need to do.

  • 4. Things you want to do, but actually don’t need to do.

So in order 2, 3, 4 and 1.

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day” Mark Twain

So if you’re like me and you shelf a lot of tasks that are annoying, the pain just grows if you don't tackle it head on. Eat those frogs early, I know I am going to start to!

Thanks to my wonderful group of Real Entrepreneur Mums who inspired me to write this blog and eat the frog!

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