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WHAT IS A wedding COACH?

Planning a wedding is an enormous undertaking…you don't want to hire a planner and really want to do it all yourself, but it can be downright overwhelming; everyone has an opinion and it’s hard to know if you’re making the right decisions. You can feel the stress creeping in, don’t know where to start, and are so close to giving up - you are seriously considering eloping! Sound familiar??

That’s when you need a wedding coach!

Wedding coaching introduces an alternative approach to wedding planning. Your wedding coach is your ally, your consultant and personal expert there to help you simplify the process, provide direction and keep you calm as you make the big decisions and plans.

If, like most engaged couples, you’ve never planned such an important event, you might be unsure of the best way to go about it. As a certified and experienced wedding planner, a bridal coach works with your ideas, offers advice and guidance, pro tips, tools and most importantly....confidence in your decisions while planning your big day.



       You want to co-create the most magnificent wedding of your dreams

You need help making sure you have everything covered

You want advice and structure from an expert

You want confidence and excitement during the process of planning

You want to relieve the stress and overwhelming pressure coming from loved ones that mean well

You want more time to spend with your loved ones in the lead up to your day

You want to be completely on top of your planning game

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How I CAN help


Wedding Coaching is like having a personal coach devoted to your wedding planning. Working with a coach puts you firmly in control of your wedding but with additional support when you need it.


I will help you navigate the inevitable challenges that a wedding entails: family dramas, to-do lists, styling, finding the perfect suppliers and overcoming wedding jitters. I create a clear plan that will save you time, money, and stress.


At EventZen, we have over 18 years experience in wedding and event planning. I have seen it all when it comes to weddings - the good, the bad and even some ugly crying. 

Your engagement should be filled with excitement, fun and happy anticipation. 

Remember - you plan the wedding.

A wedding coach teaches you the least stressful, most cost-effective way to do it!

I’ll work with you so you can feel confident and actually enjoy: 

  • Choosing a reception

  • Managing your budget

  • Getting your timeline and to do list right

  • Curating your guestlist

  • Picking out flowers

  • Finding the right suppliers 

  • Putting together an agenda for the day and lead up

  • Sharing decisions with your partner and feel completely calm and in control


Together we will identify what is most important to you (and your significant other) and work to create the wedding of your dreams! We will activate your wedding planning path and map out how to attain your goals without drama, stress, and with plenty of fun and excitement!

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